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We are the West Family and we love to travel. There’s me (Monique), my husband (Henry) and our two boys, Isaiah (9), and Kamari (5). Our previous trips include Disney World, Carnival Cruises, Cancun, and plenty of other destinations across North America.

Why Traveling As a Family Is Important

“The central question of our life is this: how will we spend our time? Will we invest it in a better future for those that come after us? What will we pass down?…What comes next? We decide. And we have one thing at our disposal: time. We say that we spend time for a reason- time is a currency. In the end, it’s the only currency that matters.”

– A.G. Riddle, The Extinction Trials

This quote may come from a science-fiction book, but after the outbreak of COVID-19, I began to realize just how true it is.

Up until then, most of my time had been spent focused on a career that would have no impact on my kids’ future, or their kids’ future. I was working towards an uncertain retirement, still decades away, wasting what was most important: time.

I never would’ve guessed that a global pandemic would’ve occurred during my lifetime. And yet it did. And millions died. Such an event has a way of reminding you just how precious our time is. And how precious spending that time with the people we love is.

This very thought is what propelled me into a new career choice- travel blogging.

Why Travel Blogging?

Traveling has always been important to our family. The memories and bonds that are created when traveling as a family are unmatched. Many of my childhood memories are from a trip or a family vacation.

Traveling as a family creates lasting memories and bonds because they are usually a source of happiness created by uninterrupted, precious time with your family. A rareity in the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

After the outbreak of COVID-19, I recognized how important more time with my family was, and most importantly, I realized that it was up to me to begin to use my time as an investment in my future, and my kids’ futures. An investment that would not only create more free time to spend with them but could transform into something I could pass down to them.

My love of writing and our passion for travel made travel blogging the obvious choice on our journey to complete freedom.

Our Goal

We hope to inspire others to travel more with as a family, despite the challenges.

Traveling with your kids builds memories and bonds that will stay with them and with you for a lifetime. As a parent, going on vacation provides a break from the mundane, daily life struggles and stressors, and allows us to have more stress-free moments as a family.

Can traveling as a family just be another source of stress? Of course it can! But careful planning, and information can prevent most of those stressors, leaving you with an unforgettable, family experience like no other.

But traveling when you have kids can get expensive, many say. Do you really want to work just to pay the bills? Life is too short. Take some of your hard-earned money and take your family on vacation. Trust me, it’ll be worth it and you deserve it. Most importantly, we’ll show you how traveling as a family can be achieved on any budget.

We are here to encourage you to “travel because money returns, time doesn’t” and to know that, “No matter who you are or what you do, you can travel too!”

Traveling with kids is hard, but worth it!

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