Family picture at the Love sign in Love Park in Philadelphia

We are the West Family and we love to travel. There’s me (Monique), my husband (Henry) and our two boys, Isaiah (8), and Kamari (3). We travel as often as time and money allows. Our previous trips include Disney World, Carnival Cruises, Cancun, and plenty other US destinations.

So many wonder how we are able to travel as often as we do, as we are a typical American family living on an average income. We’re here to show you that with the right planning and certain tips and tricks, you too can make travel a regular part of your life. 

We are transitioning into full-time travelers to expand our travels and be able to see the world. You can read more about my decision to transition from a full-time career to full-time blogging HERE.

We hope to inspire others to travel despite the challenges. Traveling with your children educates them in a way school never can. Travel provides your child with hands-on, real-life educational experiences. Think of it as a family field trip. Travel also introduces them to cultures and experiences they would otherwise never have. Even if they don’t remember the experiences themselves, as they grow, it will subconsciously have an impact on their development. 

Outside of the educational value, traveling with your kids builds memories and bonds that will stay with them and with you for a lifetime. As a parent, going on vacation provides a break from the mundane, daily life struggles. Life with children can be stressful and challenging on a regular day but somehow being on vacation relieves that stress and makes things feel better. 

But what about money you may ask? Do you really want to work just to pay the bills? Take some of your hard earned money and go on vacation. Trust me, it’ll be worth it and you deserve it. 

We are here to encourage you to “travel because money returns, time doesn’t” and to know that, “No matter who you are or what you do, you can travel too!”

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